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Our Project Coordinator is Henk-Jan Timmerman.

He is responsible for the projects in Europe. Some of the projects are managed directly by him (for example on data excellence), but for all others he forms the link between the project managers, the project teams and the Regional Executive Committee and the Board of GS1 in Europe. He supports the project teams and managers on logistics around the projects and where possible on the projects itself. He is accountable for the methodology and the financial administration on projects. For GS1 Cloud he is the regional coordinator and forms the liaison between the Member Organisations in Europe and GS1 Global Office.

Henk-Jan joined GS1 Netherlands in 2016 as Account manager retail where he was active on the day to day management of all Dutch retailers (food service included) and working on the Data Quality Program from GS1 Netherlands. He managed the (external) working groups on data exchange (maintenance groups) and together with GS1 Belgilux harmonised the data models of the three countries. Previously he worked for a private company specialised in supply chain transparency and traceability (on product/food safety, social compliance and sustainability). Before that he worked in various roles (team leader, project manager and information manager) for various ICT related companies.