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Our Chair for 2019-20 is François Deprey, CEO of GS1 France.

His role is to chair both the GS1 in Europe Board (composed of the 47 European CEOs) and the Regional Executive Committee (composed of 12 elected European CEOs). He is responsible for the general functioning of GS1 in Europe and ensures that the voice of GS1 in Europe is heard within the international GS1 organisation.

After working in the sales and marketing of consumer goods at Monoprix (retailer) and Sodiaal group (3rd largest European dairy company) for more than 15 years, François Deprey joined GS1 France in 2013 first as Marketing Director then as Deputy CEO. He was quickly appointed as CEO in mid-2015 to drive GS1 France’s new strategy to support the digital transformation of our core business sectors (FMCG, Retail, Healthcare, E-commerce, T&L…) and business lines such as product data management and supply chain management. François Deprey is a member of the board of directors of the French digital economy organization “ACSEL”